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Gold nanoparticles otherwise known as gold sols

Are you looking for gold sols that have been developed for conjugate preparation? Do you want this to occur through the direct adsorption method? If that is the case, look no further than the excellent gold nanoparticles, also known as gold sols, by Aurion. This company from Wageningen, the Netherlands, is a leading expert in developing gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining.

Excellent gold nanoparticles for your scientific researches

The carboxyl functionalized gold sols, or gold nanoparticles are developed to facilitate conjugating these particles to molecules. These molecules cannot be conjugated through a direct adsorption method, as would normally be the case. When working with small ligands and you require covalent conjugation, this is the right product for you. A uniform size of your particles and highly adsorptive surfaces are required when you wish to prepare an immunogold conjugate. The gold nanoparticles by Aurion are well equipped to deal with this, because of the unique production protocol set forth by this company. The sol particle have been made with the same narrow size distribution and properties of adsorption. These are also employed in the Conventional Immunogold Reagents.

The best in silver staining solutions

When looking for the best immunogold silver staining solutions, you would also do well to reach out to the experts at Aurion. The R-Gent SE-EM-Silver Enhancement reagent is an excellent immunogold staining solution for your business. The extensive testing of the ultra-small immunogold reagents allows for the silver staining to have optimal results. It will generate a signal that goes from brown to black, which allows for it to be used with counterstaining techniques such as H&E and nuclear fast red. If your business is in the field of science and you require the very best and reliable solutions for your scientific ventures, then you should do well to trust the experts from Wageningen. They will provide you with the best and trustworthy solutions.

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