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Here you get your high-quality biogas analyser

Are you looking for high-quality analytical equipment, like a biogas analyser? GAS offers easy-to-operate and fully automated biogas analysers. You can find types like Thermo Trace GC 1300 and CompactGC. The biogas analyser is available in different configurations. Are you looking to buy single valve or detector instruments or do you need comprehensive multichannel analysers? Of course the analysers comply with all standardised methods for natural gas analysis. You can think of GPA, ISO, ASTM and more. With a biogas analyser you can analyse components like methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and permanent gases. These components are effectively analysed using helium as a carrier.

Biogas analyser with extended analysis

Thanks to the use of a biogas analyser you can also get an extended analysis for the analyses of additional components such as terpenes, siloxanes, ammonia and more. These additional components are created in biogas production, dependent on the type of feedstock, production processes and operating conditions. If needed, they also integrate a Calorific Value calculation in a Chromatography Data System. GAS not only offers the hardware for your analyses. They offer many additional services such as technical training, application support, training courses and a demolab. With these services you are ensured of a problem-free operation of your biogas analyser. GAS is a company of Interscience. GAS is used for its turnkey products for Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental markets. They are a Preferred Solution Partner in these fields thanks to their close cooperation with Thermo Scientific.

Where can you buy the equipment?

Are you interested in buying the biogas analyser from this expert? Their products are available through local Thermo sales offices or appointed dealers. Their dealers are situated worldwide. Contact them if you want to know which dealer is closest to your location. Inquiries about their services or (other) products can be send to their employees. Call them or send an email for more information or personal advice.