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Lead Shielded Cabinets Benefits for Hot Labs

Because lead is cheap, easy to get, and easy to make, you can use it in many ways. Space, cost, weight, and installation all play a role in the radiation shielding process. This makes lead one of the most versatile shielding materials that can be used to solve these problems.

Nuclear power plants, educational institutions, and medical facilities use lead as a radiation shielding and protection material in construction and non-destructive testing.

Why Do You Need Lead-Lined Cabinets?

Storage of radioactive materials in lead-lined cabinets is especially beneficial when the contents must be retrieved often, and lead-lined containers are not an option. To ensure the safety of radioactive materials, lead-lined cabinets may incorporate security measures.

When the only security need is to keep things enclosed in a cage, padlocks may be adequate. An electronic access control system may be an option in a more complicated security system. The SSC1C radioactive source storage cabinet has one of these safety precautions.

By scanning your key tag and pressing the button for the drawer you want to open on the keypad that pops up after you scan your tag, you may unlock this lead-lined storage cabinet. A computerized record of all activities is accessible from anywhere on the globe.

In addition to these advantages,

  • Lead-walled cabinets can include a workstation on top of the cabinet;
  • Tools such as dosage calibrators and generators can be incorporated into the cabinet;
  • Hot lab space can be used more effectively;
  • Cabinets may be constructed with drawers, doors, or a mix of the two; and
  • If you want to complete the cabinet, you can put a worktop with a protective shield on top of it, too.
  • Industrial radiography equipment storage containers are protected.

Nuclear Shields is a leading manufacturer of lead-coated safes for safeguarding radioactive materials. People who use Sentinel NDT equipment will now be able to store it in new, shielded boxes.

Our insulated storage boxes are suitable for delicate equipment like gamma radiography source projectors.

Radiography sources such as the Sentinel SCAR Pro 1075 and the Sentinel Delta 880 are available from Sentinel. Selenium-75 to Cobalt-60 radiography sources are available.

Hot Labs Need Lead-Lined Cabinets

Because of the large amounts of lead bricks and equipment stacked on the shelves, radiology and nuclear medicine facilities are notoriously disorganized. Instead of burying radioactive items in a layer of lead bricks, Nuclear Shields designed modular lead-walled closets for high-temperature labs.