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The Dutch M-form and other matters are taken care of by this expert near Nijmegen

If you are going to work for a Dutch company as an expat, there are usually many things that need to be arranged. You have to find a place to live and have to apply for a work permit and visa. Additionally, you must file a tax return every year through the Dutch tax system. It is not possible to file this digitally during the first year of your stay. In this case, you are required to fill out the so-called M-form. Witlox International Tax Advice in Oss, near Nijmegen, specializes in tax-related matters for expats, such as completing the Dutch M-form. Let this specialist advise you!

What is an M-form and to whom does it apply?

The M-form is a document for individuals who emigrated from the Netherlands or who immigrated to the Netherlands in the past year. Have you not lived in the Netherlands all year round as a result of this emigration or immigration? Then you should use the M-form, which you will receive in two ways: it will either be send to you by post or you can request it online. Once you have received the form, you will realize that it is an incredibly long document that is only available in Dutch. This is why this company near Nijmegen can assist you with completing the Dutch M-form.

This company also arranges postponement or other tax-related matters

You can use this service by performing a few simple steps: download a questionnaire from the company’s website, fill in your personal details and send the completed document to the office by post. After the company has received your questionnaire, you do not have to arrange anything yourself. An employee of the company will take care of the entire document. The form contains a date by which the tax return must be completed. Witlox International Tax Advice, near Nijmegen, can also request a postponement for your Dutch M-form. Have a look at the website for further information.

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