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Basic vaping facts for beginners

Basic vaping facts for beginners

If you are reading this, that means you decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes, or you’re thinking about it. Well, either way, congratulations. Trying is one of the hardest parts in this journey. E-smoking or vaping is a pretty common way people use to quit, and it’s kind of an easy method as well. Here are some basic facts you should know about vaping to get a bit more knowledge about it.


  1. Most vape juices contain nicotine

The reason for this is so that you, as an ex-smoker, can slowly but surely transition to quit cigarettes and nicotine all together. But why smoke nicotine if you’re trying to quit you may ask, good question. Many vaping devices have nicotine but if you do your research, you can see that these vape juices are available with different amounts of nicotine in them. These range from 0mg-20mg of nicotine in each bottle of juice. Since you are able to manage your nicotine intake, you can gradually take less and less until you are satisfied.

  1. There are plenty of vape juice flavors

Vape juice or e-liquid is the liquid that the e-cigarette vaporizes so you can inhale it. It sounds a lot more complicated that it is, the e-cigarette simply heats up the liquid into a vapor. Vape juice also has many flavors. There are fruity flavors, dessert flavors, sour flavors, mild flavors, strong flavors, and everything in between. For those who don’t really like the types of flavors available or want to stick to more familiar tastes, there is also tobacco flavored vape juices. Not only is there a tobacco flavor but there are flavors that blend with tobacco such as mint or honey. On the website of Mr Joy there are even more flavors than you could even imagine, a flavor that you have never heard of is most definitely out there in the world.

  1. Health risks

As much as people like to claim that vaping is 1000% healthier than smoking, they are wrong. Of course, inhaling burning tobacco smoke isn’t the healthiest option but vaping also has its own issues. As sweet and tasty as the many vape juice flavors are, the reason they have those flavors is due to toxins and chemicals that are dangerous for you. It’s very important to research anything you put in your body, especially when it comes to smoking and vaping.