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On your way to the top!

Are you looking for a way to optimize your online racing skills? Would you like to expand your talents and eventually maybe become one of the best drivers that are online? The online racing world starts  with purchasing the right equipment and gear. When your gear and equipment is not of good quality, you can already forget your online racing career. It might be hard to find out which equipment you exactly need and what store might be to your best fit. At you will find your new racing equipment with tremendously good quality for a sharp price; check our collection here! Before you start putting new gear in your shopping cart, please read through beneath explanation of different types of racing equipment.


Which steering wheel is a match?

Within the world of online racing at, you will find two different types of steering wheels. Before you purchase one randomly, it would be good to read through the features of both the wheels. The first one you will find, is the GT Steering wheel; perfect when you are racer who would like to have more input from your wheel. The second wheel that could be a match, is the formula steering wheel; the way to go when you are looking for a bit extra performance and reality during racing. 


The cockpit-fit

Two choices of steering wheel, but even four choices of cockpits. Make sure you know exactly which cockpit fits you the best before you spend your money on it. GT Sim Racing Cockpits is perfect when you are looking to bring your racing experience to another level. Formula Sim Racing Cockpits go hand in hand with the love for a realistic Formula 1 race! As third, the Sim Racing Wheel Stand can be purchased, which is a good cockpit when you are not sure yet which type of racer you are or when you are a beginning racer. Lastly, Compact Sim Racing Cockpits give you the best performance and help you become a better racer. 


Hard decisions make you grow

So, the two most necessary equipment for racing are just explained. Unfortunately, it does not just stop when knowing about the different types within that gear. Next to all the types, you will find lots of brands with the same products. To find out which brand will fit you best, it is suggested to read through the reviews of these brands. Thereby, it might be helpful to discuss the brands with your racing friends (or competitors…), in order to find the best fitting brand for your new racing gear!