A law network of professionals awaits you

To have a professional law network back you up in your legal case: who wouldn’t want this? The attorneys which form a part of the network of LawExchange International (LEI) have years of experience with all manner of legal cases. Therefore, these professionals are the perfect choice for supporting your company throughout its legal proceedings. All of the member firms which are affiliated with LEI live up to the core commitments of the company. The network’s dedication in upholding these commitments is fundamental in ensuring the high-quality legal counsel which their clients receive.

A network that lives up to its core commitments

When you receive the support of the professionals from LEI, you are assured of several core commitments:

  • Coverage: they provide qualified, local legal counsel while covering the world’s major commercial centers.
  • Competence: they provide high-quality legal counsel through lawyers with sophisticated backgrounds and experience.
  • Client service: they provide exceptional client service through their dedication to being responsive, attentive and caring, as well as building long-term relationships with their clients.
  • Cost Consciousness: they offer efficient rate structures and efficient management and staffing of matters.
  • Cooperation: they maintain close professional and personal relationships with their colleagues.
  • Conduct: they maintain a high level of integrity and ethics.

While living up to these commitments, LawExchange International provides their clients with qualitative and professional guidance.

Legal guidance in every corner of the world

Member firms from the law network of LEI are located all over the world. With over 30 member firms and 45 correspondents which are based in 5 continents, you are assured of the right support, wherever you are. The members not only share professional updates and best practices; they also maintain close working relationships which are essential to ensuring the continuity and quality of services their clients rightly expect. With the guidance of this professional law network, you always have the right attorney at the right time and place.