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Is your affiliate program on the Awin network really working for you?

In last-click attribution, the entire conversion is attributed to the affiliate that sent the click that completed the conversion. Any previous marketing touchpoints (like ads, emails, etc.) that led to this conversion are not weighted and rewarded. Awin’s affiliate network is based on a last-click attribution model. As a result, all credit is given to the click that was sent by an affiliate, and not the clicks that preceded it. This isn’t very realistic and can be disadvantageous to Awin affiliates. So what about the Awin revenue seen in your Google Analytics.


The Awin Affiliate Network follows the last-click attribution model. This means that the conversion is attributed to whichever affiliate sent the last click. All of the marketing touchpoints that led up to this conversion, such as ads, emails, and other types of marketing, do not factor into this attribution.


Marketers looking to maximize their conversion rates should be aware of how last-click attribution can mislead them. Since it’s likely that another network will capture the last click, marketers are misinterpreting where their true conversions are coming from. The right way for marketers to approach this is to look at attribution models with a wider lens. In the last-click attribution model, it seems like Awin was solely responsible for a conversion, which is rarely the case. In fact, Awin is just one of many sources that can generate a conversion. You can understand that this can lead to a huge misinterpretation amongst performance marketers about where their true conversions are being generated. That’s why it’s important for marketers to create a 360-degree view of attribution.


With Google Analytics, not only Awin but also paid search will take credit for most of the conversions that are being shown in your analytics. This is because Google Analytics runs on the last-click attribution model. All of the online conversions are based on the last traffic source that led to the conversion. 


An alternative to Odyssey Attribution is the use of a Google Data Studio dashboard powered by the Odyssey technology. Data studio attribution models are usually bound by the settings in Analytics, but with an Odyssey dashboard it is possible to directly compare and analyse different attribution models within the same dashboard.