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These are the best places to live in the Netherlands as an expat

Are you considering a move to the Netherlands for career purposes? A good choice, because the Netherlands has much to offer for expats. The country is well developed, has a high standard of living, and has some beautiful cities and towns to live in. But what are actually the best places to buy a house? We’ll tell you all about it in this article. 


Amsterdam is the most popular Dutch city to live for expats. This is not surprising, as no other Dutch city captures the imagination as much as the capital, with its historic center and picturesque canals. Amsterdam is home to people from over 180 nationalities, and offers countless job opportunities for internationals. However, in recent years the housing prices have skyrocketed, making the city an expensive place to live. 


If you want something different from touristy Amsterdam, then Rotterdam might be the best city for you. This large port city is the second most populous town in the Netherlands, and has much to offer for expats. It’s a modern and innovative city, and has a lot of interesting sights for architecture lovers. Moreover, it is an international city with a very diverse population. Wherever you are from, you will sure feel at home in this melting potof cultures. And because Rotterdam is a major commercial and maritime hub with a lot of large international companies, it is relatively easy to find a job here. Housing prices have gone up here as well in recent years, so it is advisable to hire a real estate agent if you want to buy a house in Rotterdam. 

The Hague 

The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands, as it is the seat of the Cabinet, the States General, the Supreme Court and the Council of State of the Netherlands. The Hague has a vibrant international community, thanks to all the embassies and international organizations that are based in the city. If you like hanging out at the beach, this is the right city for you, as the city lies close by the beach of Scheveningen. Tip: hire a real estate agent from The Hague when you start looking for a house here. 


If you want something different from the overcrowded cities of The Randstad, then take a train north to the charming city of Groningen. This city is one of the best kept secrets of the international community. Because of its large student population, it is a very fun city to live in. And compared to the other cities, the houses are much cheaper here.