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A physical board: the return


Now that we are all slowly returning to the office, more physical meetings are taking place. We have all become accustomed to handy digital tools, and will (partly) have to make a switch to the old familiar again. But how do you make sure that your meetings are as efficient as possible? Now there is a solution for that. PATboard’s SCRUM products ensure that your team performs even better.

A physical board, isn’t that old-fashioned?

PATboard has developed various tools to make your ideas physically visible. This manifests itself in glass boards and magnetic boards on which you can hang notes. It is precisely these kinds of tools that come into their own in scrum meetings. Written notes on a board during a brainstorming session are also more productive for many people. Even as a manager, a board can be useful: by making your work visual with a simple overview of your tasks, your team will be activated and stimulated. This not only stimulates communication and cooperation in the team, but it will also stimulate creativity. In short: let those ideas come.

Strip away the fine feeling of done tasks

In every organization there are tasks that need to be done. Keeping an overview of all these tasks is easy with a board? In addition, the board gives your team a sense of achievement. Emptying the ‘to-do’ column can give a very satisfied feeling. Moreover, you can better see what still needs to be done and what has already been completed. 

What kind of tools are there besides boards?

Via PATboard you can buy various tools that make office ideas visual. First of all, of course, you need a project board. Moreover, you can also go to PATboard to buy various notepads, specially made for the scrum boards. Moreover, these are sustainable notebooks that you can reuse! Moreover, the notebooks look beautiful and are available in various colors. A real eye-catcher for the office!

Want to find out more about the tools?

Would you like to know more about the various possibilities of physical boards? Or are you interested in buying physical boards and accessories? Then take a look at the company’s website and discover the many possibilities.