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Motorcycle Rides Made Much Warmer with Heated Motorcycle Gloves


Heated motorcycle gloves offer the right warmth and protection for the outdoor rides you plan to take during the colder period. It is crucial that you can maintain control of the motorcycle, and for that, you definitely need your hands. Therefore, they need to stay warm. The heated motorcycle gloves have everything you need. Read more about the gloves below.


Heated Motorcycle Gloves

The heated motorcycle gloves are Dual Heating gloves, meaning they have dual heating elements. Both the top and bottom of the hand are heated. The heating elements extend to the fingertips, ensuring your entire hand is warmed, making them two large heating surfaces. There are two buttons on the heated motorcycle gloves. With these, you can choose which of the two heating elements to activate. Both, only the top, or only the bottom. You can also select the heat setting you prefer, as there are three different heat levels: High, Medium, and Low. These are indicated by different colors, making it clear to you which heating elements are on and at which heat setting.

These gloves are equipped with a good insulation layer, ensuring that the heat from the heating elements stays close to the hands and does not dissipate. This provides effective protection against the cold during the motorcycle ride. Additionally, the gloves are windproof and waterproof, ensuring hands remain well-protected in windy or rainy conditions.



The heated motorcycle gloves operate on a rechargeable battery. The batteries come in three different strengths, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. The key factor is how long you want to enjoy the warmth. The larger the battery pack, the longer you can stay warm. Another solution is to have an extra battery pack as a backup, preventing you from being without heat. The gloves have a compartment with a connecting cable where you can attach and store the battery, ensuring it doesn’t bother you during your ride.



Despite ensuring that the hands stay warm, the motorcycle gloves also provide good protection. They feature carbon protection zones for the hands, offering the right level of protection. Proper grip is essential, so these gloves have goat leather on the palms, providing the ultimate grip.

Heated motorcycle gloves are the ideal solution for outdoor rides in the cold winter months. With dual heating elements that fully warm the hands, you won’t feel the cold anymore. The heat is effectively retained due to the proper insulation layer, and the gloves are both windproof and waterproof. If you happen to be particularly sensitive to the cold and heated gloves alone aren’t enough, check out the BERTSCHAT® website. They offer a variety of heated clothing that you can easily wear during your motorcycle rides.