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How To Make Your Partitioned Office Feel Open

Office partitions have been designed and developed to divide and separate large open spaces. Temporary screening allows your space to be more than one design. You can create individual working spaces and divide the office based on the business needs.

Most popularly, the acoustic office screen has been chosen to divide the office, with the added acoustic benefits. Acoustic office screens are manufactured with acoustic foam, dampening noise levels and absorbing some of the daily distractions.

As effective as the acoustic office screens are, they do restrict view and enclose the environment in which they are placed. In many circumstances, this is required for privacy and meeting rooms, but if you wish to add partitions and keep the office open, there are alternatives available.

Acrylic & Acoustic

The combination of acrylic and acoustic panels works a treat when the office has varied requirements. The base of the screen consists of an acoustic foam and upholstered in a fabric colour of your choice. This will add privacy and acts as a noise barrier to boost concentration.

In comparison, the clear acrylic at the top of the screen will ensure the office hasn’t been completely closed off. Clear Perspex lets the natural light shine through and keeps the space light and airy.

A final option, is frosted acrylic, a nice hybrid of light and privacy. A frosted finish adds to the privacy as with an almost opaque finish, though it’s not possible to see all the way through. But some natural light can shine through and light up your workspace.

Full Acrylic Screen

Since COVID-19 the need for acrylic screening has excelled and taken over the market. Not only can the surface be cleaned, but it looks modern and adds a contemporary finish.

Full acrylic screens provide protection and act as an apparent divide, but has the luxury of full visibility. Clear dividers make it easy to communicate with your team members which can be an important factor.

So it’s easy to see why clear acrylic screens are the next big thing!