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Will Outdoor Exhibitions Be The Way Forward?

Indoor meetings and communications have been cut to a minimum, to say the least. Social distancing has reduced the levels of communications as well as the putting distance between one another.

Exhibitions are over crowded spaces, filled to the brim with people looking to develop and grow their business by making new connections. It’s a shame this aspect of an event has been effected, but it’s all in aid of keeping the exhibitors and attendees safe.

With no news on when exhibitions will resume, we thought we’d take the time to think about how events could go ahead in the future. Along with what you will need to adapt to the regulations. Being outdoors, from the beginning has always been allowed, so maybe the next big thing will be out door exhibitions.

Printed Tents

Head to the outdoors with style with the printed tent. The printed tent or gazebo is the perfect outdoor accessory, providing shelter but also allowing air to circulate. Keeping the stand space open and airy is going to be a main factor as we come out of COVID-19.

With the tent option you can choose how many open sides you have. Adding and removing the side panels provide a versatile exhibiting solution.

Whilst the tents have been designed for the outdoors which is beneficial at the moment, when the exhibitions move indoors – the tent can be used there too!


Fly a flag for your company and watch as customers flock in. A 2.4m high flag will be easily seen and will continue to promote your business from afar.

The double sided option is even better, enabling your promotional flag to be viewed from different angles. Consider designing alternate artwork for each side to use your marketing space to it’s full potential.  

The printed flag is also a great addition to any exhibition bundle to enhance your design and adds an interesting element.

PVC Banners

PVC banners aren’t just for an exhibition, it’s more than likely you’ve seen custom banners on your outings, attached to railings or outside of venues.

So, as well as being used as a long term marketing banner, they can also be attached to an A frame which can be used outside of your printed tent at an outdoor event.