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Trying to solve complex problems for tree planting companies

Tree planting companies that work in urban environments are confronted with difficult problems. The most frequent problem is the lack of space in cities to plant trees. This is not merely the case aboveground, where every inch of space is used by facilities of the city, but also underground, where the roots of trees do not get the space they need to fully develop. The trees can therefore damage the infrastructure by aggressively growing their roots through concrete. This could damage roads and pavements. To prevent this, Treebuilders has been supporting tree planting companies with innovative solutions such as implementing a bioretention system to create the ideal conditions for trees to grow without damaging infrastructure.

The implementation of a bioretention system

What exactly does a bioretention system entail? This type of system creates a barrier between the concrete infrastructure of an urban environment and the soil in which a tree grows. To do this, one has to keep in mind that the fertility of the soil is dependent on a variety of factors aboveground. For instance, a constant supply of water is important for soil to facilitate the optimal living conditions for trees to grow. Simply creating a hermetic barrier means that you will also cut off the water supply. That is where Treebuilders has created water sensitive urban design (WSUD), which offers tree planting companies the ability to integrate better urban planning into a durable method of working. The bioretention systems in this type of urban design will make sure that the trees that are planted can thrive in the most optimal conditions possible.

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